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Company Name: Cluch Enterprise Co., Ltd.
Country/Region: Taiwan, Tainan
Address: 5-50, Hai Liao, Hai Liao Tsun
Zip/Post Code: 745
Tel: 886-6-5939756
Fax: 886-6-5939017
Contact Person 1: Ai LeuMr
Job Title 1: Business Liaison
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Contact Person 2: Ming ShinMr
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POE Yoga Mat

  • JL-Y111-8

1. Non-Toxic and Pollution Free
Most of traditional procedure of pad productions contain Benzene (an organic solvent), which is harmful to children's health; our goal is to produce a natural and pollution free products to keep children's health while enjoying our pads. Our pad productions use an advanced physical artifact method with 100% PE material, which will ensure that there is no such a toxic substance could appear during the production process, no Toluene or toxic substance released, no toxic additive and no odor, our pad is your best choice to relieve.
2. A great flexibility and buffer capacity which are not only raising its comfortable sensation, but also containing with protection function.
3. Water proof : sealed stomata which causes water vapor can not be penetrated, therefore, desiccation retention is achieved.
4. Sound insulation and shock absorption: children can entirely enjoy their play time without bothering neighbors.
5. Easy to take in due to light material.
6. Water washable and mildew proof
7. There is a diversity of colors which can be chosen for enriching children's life.

Competitive Price:
Place of Origin: Taiwan, Tainan
Sales Method: OEM/ODM
Payment Term: T/T, L/C
Material/Components: POE
Safety/Quality Approvals: SGS, RoHS

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